City Champs Foundation – Vision

City Champs Foundation mission is to uplift kids, and positively impact local communities, through the discipline and education of martial arts training.

The best proven method to solve societal challenges is to instill great knowledge and values in our kids – perseverance, achievement, confidence, respect, goal-setting and more. Martial arts training provides all. City Champs Foundation funds scholarships for youths, ages 8 to 18, to attend martial arts schools.

City Champs Foundation finds troubled youth with a desire to learn martial arts, but can’t afford it. Scholarships are provided for those who meet program requirements of grades, respect and learning. Expose them to higher levels of thinking. Plant seeds of productive knowledge. Guide them to positive beliefs and values.

Scholarship for Kids

Long view, we’re seeking strategic alliances with organizations who share our passion for helping youth and our communities. These groups would embrace similar organizational methods, concepts and beliefs, and operate on measurable results.

What do we ask from Sponsorship Gyms in return?

City Champs will form a marketing partnership with your gym. We want to acknowledge our sponsors’ generosity by promoting them through your social media platforms and other outreach channels. We’ll promote City Champs, too, to keep growing the organization.

Community Partners & Sponsors

What’s the result?

Think fundamental human nature: Individual beliefs guide decisions and actions. Beliefs come from knowledge and experiences one encounters in life. Decisions and actions produce the outcomes of everything in a person’s life. When those outcomes are improved, the whole community benefits.

Kids in our Program

Let’s Empower Our Kids, and Fight for a Stronger Community!

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