The Charitable Challenge

Have fun supporting a great cause

How a Challenge works
Challenges are submitted on the City Champs website.
Can be anything you challenge City Champs or Jared Bell to accomplish.
Each challenge includes a description, fundraising target and the initial donation amount. Request to accept a challenge is sent once the donation target is hit.
If the initial donation amount is below or until the fundraising target:
, the challenge is promoted to raise donations toward the challenge
A custom “Charitable Challenge” ad is created to promote the challenge
Pass It On: Participate by challenging people you know. Forward a challenge or create your own. Charitable Challenges work on the honor system. The loser of the “pass it on” challenge is expected to follow the challenge link to City Champs website and donate the fundraising target amount for that challenge. Contact City Champs for info on how to create your own challenge.
Submit Your Challenge: