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City Champs Character Building Summer Programs

This summer join City Champs to bring a safe summer to our community youth.

 Safe Summer Self Defense Programs

This summer offering 8 week classes teaching Self Defense, Ju Jitsu and Boxing.

Class Capacity is 50 students. Registration is required. Sign up before classes are filled.

 3 locations on two sides of Milwaukee 

South Side, North Side & Outdoor

South Side: Journey House
2110 W. Scott Street Milwaukee WI, 53204
Starts Tuesday July 9th & 12th.

Until August 27 and 30th.
Mondays Class 1pm-2:30 Open Mat 2:30pm-3pm
Wednesday Class 6pm-7:30pm Open Mat 7:30pm-8pm

Registrar Now Youth may attend one or both classes.

Journey House Register

North Side: Northcott Neighborhood House
2460 N. 6th Street Milwaukee, WI 53212
Start day July 9th and July 12th.
Until August 26th and 28th.
Every Tuesday Class 1pm-2:30pm Open Mat 2:30pm-3:00pm
Every Friday Class 6pm-7:30pm Open Mat 7:30pm-8pm.

Register Now Youth may attend one or both classes.

Northcott Register
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Outside Program Burnham Park
Hosted by 16th St Community Center
35th & Burnham Street
Starting June 25th-August  30th
* Parent must be signed up for 16th Street walking club.
Every Tuesdays 6pm-7pm

Burnham Park Register