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Vision: Offering a pathway to personal empowerment through martial arts.

Mission: Bringing communities martial arts and boxing classes to build confidence and persistence in youth.

Here’s how: We’ll provide scholarships to kids, referred by partnering organizations, who would benefit from the disciplined, structured environment of a boxing and martial arts gym. We know many candidates already, but want to reach beyond our immediate circle. This is how we create a larger, more positive ripple effect. Long view, we see strategic alliances with organizations who share our passion for helping youth and our communities. These groups would embrace similar organizational methods, concepts, and beliefs, and operate on measurable results.

Interested? Know a child who is a good scholarship candidate? Contact us and let’s get the conversation started.

Help Us; Help Kids; Help Our Community, Help Your Organization. Many inner-city (Milwaukee-area) organizations work to help children, especially those who start life at a disadvantage, or face other troubles. We hope to partner with these groups who share a similar mission and vision.


Character Building Program

City Champs Community Scholarship Program (CCCSP) provides existing schools, parents and community outreach programs working with youth an alternative means of providing a structured, educational environment for youth interested in the sports of martial arts and boxing. The scholarship program provides children access to the lessons taught through the discipline of martial arts. City Champs acts as a bridge between parents, youth outreach programs and martial arts gyms.

City Champs funds yearly scholarships for gym membership fees with equipment. Children must meet weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly targets set to maintain scholarships. These targets support the mission of City Champs, community partners and gyms.

Offered to youths ages 5 and up. Program is not limited to but targets and offers extra latitude to children from low-income families.

The concept of a “scholarship” isn’t always tied to a classroom. Learning takes place in many forms, in different environments.

Kids participating in City Champs learn invaluable life skills in the ring. Along the way, they learn the importance of enriching their minds outside the ring.

The requirement is to improve a student?s GPA, regardless of where it started.

These types of expectations obligate participants to set goals, and work hard to achieve them as they earn their position in the program. They learn other qualities, too: Discipline, respect, confidence, gratitude and more.

Scholarship Curriculum

Nomination and Application for Scholarship
  1. Applicants must be nominated by an advocate. Advocates can be any person or organization that believes the child will benefit from the scholarship.
  2. Applications must be completed by nominee by the 15th of each month to be reviewed for starting program the next month.


How it works:
  1. Nominee application is submitted and accepted. Our nomination form can be found at citychampsmilwaukee.org/nominate. We’ll respond to all applications within two weeks.
  2. City Champ Mentor: student is paired with a mentor.
  3. Conduct interview with child.
  4. 12 week entry program held at Community Partner location.
    • Must attend minimal of 1 class per week.
    • DISC personality test completed 1st month. Personality profile will be used to match student with Mentor.
  5. Scholarship awarded: after 4-12 weeks participation in entry program depending on progress.
    • Meet attendance requirements during entry program.
    • Personal accountability form signed.
    • Schedule: class and mentor times set every 30 days.
    • Equipment and apparel are handed out.


City Champs Scholarship Requirements: reviewed weekly at City Champ Mentor meeting
  1. Scholarship Personal Development Scorecard Targets.
    • 2 classes per week (reviewed by mentor).
    • 3 targets of development reviewed weekly.
    • Coach Score: martial arts instructor approval.
  2. Target 1: School Development: Improved GPA.
  3. Target 2: Knowledge Development: weekly personal development assignment.
  4. Target 3: Community Development: Minimum of 6 hrs of community outreach during program duration.

* Transportation: needs discussed with mentor.
** Values/Code of Conduct: Follow all beliefs and values set forth by City Champs.
***Personal development consists of personal coaching, traditional education, books,
audio, assignments and tests assigned by mentor.


Scholarships are a big piece of this solution. They?re just one, though. The most important piece, without a doubt is OUR YOUTH!


Character Building Program

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Debora Elkins August 28, 2018 at 12:23 pm

I learned about your incredible program from a local news station. I want to be a part of this! I do have 3 yrs experience as a volunteer working with at-risk youth at a boxing club where I was the office manager, grant writer and mentor to the best kids I’ve ever met. I also have 20 years experience managing a non-profit office which empowered individuals and groups to improve their lives and their communities. I only need a “living wage,” prefer serving others to wealth. Lastly, where you have “POST TAGS:” Fundraiser is spelled incorrectly. I’m also an editor. Thank you for all you do and please consider me now or for future opportunities.
Debora Elkins


Barb Brinkmann November 3, 2019 at 9:40 am

Love the Website. As I am looking to become more involved by coming to some of your events, I realized there were month and day but no year. I’m not sure if your events or in the future or past.

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