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October 2, 2017 | 1 Comment

City Champs Foundation has a defined mission and vision. We know we can achieve great things for kids (and our communities) by providing scholarships to train them in boxing and mixed martial arts.

We can’t do it alone, though.

Many Milwaukee-area organizations work to help children, especially kids who start life at a disadvantage. We hope to partner with these groups – those that share a similar mission and vision as City Champs.

Here’s how: We’ll provide scholarships to kids, referred by partnering organizations, who would benefit from the disciplined, structured environment of a boxing and martial arts gym. We know many candidates already, but want to reach beyond our immediate circle. This is how we create a larger, more positive ripple effect.

Long view, we see strategic alliances with organizations who share our passion for helping youth and our communities. These groups would embrace similar organizational methods, concepts, and beliefs, and operate on measurable results.

Interested? Know a child who is a good scholarship candidate? Contact us and let’s get the conversation started

Help Us; Help Kids; Help Our Community, Help Your Organization

Many inner-city (Milwaukee-area) organizations work to help children, especially those who start life at a disadvantage, or face other troubles. We hope to partner with these groups who share a similar mission and vision.


Our Community Partner Program has 2 opportunities.
Community Partner Sponsor: organizations agreeing to Community Partner sponsorship and receiving the benefits
Community Partner Affiliate: organizations nominating children and working with City Champs to place them into gyms.

There is no monetary cost for either. Our mission is to form partnerships with organizations where our program could benefit the children you help.

City Champs seeks to partner with a wide range of organizations committed to shaping the youth of today through guidance, patient teaching and professional instruction.

Here’s how: City Champs provides scholarships to kids, referred by partnering organizations.

City Champs Scholarship Program (CCSP) provides youth outreach programs alternative means of offering a structured, educational environment for youth interested in the sport of martial arts and boxing. City Champs acts as a bridge between youth outreach program and martial arts gym.

Community Partner Sponsors and Affiliates both have access to scholarships but sponsors receive much more benefit. Sponsors work directly with City Champs in marketing, fundraising, special events, scholarships, special clinics, sponsorship benefits, PR and more. Countless opportunities exist between sponsors and City Champs.

Why become a Community Partner Sponsor?
Educational program proven to produce positive results
No cost
Memberships for youth to local gyms and priority placement
Awareness marketing and PR for your cause
Helping Children and Community though a new innovative program
Partner in events, special classes, clinics, and more
Sponsor Level Benefits
Opportunities for shared fundraising
Fiscal Partnerships and co-grant proposals

How it works:
Community sponsors and affiliates nominate youth for scholarship as the advocate
Once nomination is accepted, placement in gym and scholarship program begins
Advocate helps to ensure program requirements are being met. Children must meet the weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly targets set to maintain their scholarships. These targets support the mission of City Champs, community partners and gyms.
Scholarship Curriculum: review our scholarship program to learn more about how it works
Summer Scholarship Program: nominate youth, bring to event, scholarships will be awarded at event

Currently City Champs has the Summer Program and Full Scholarship Program.

Summer Scholarships last 4-6 weeks giving children access to gyms over the summer. There are no requirements except for pre-register and attending the Summer Gym Scholarship Giveaway event. Those with summer scholarships may apply for full scholarship after summer if attendance requirements are met.

Full Scholarship: Scholarships are not given, they are earned. For youth having a passion and desire to train in sport but can not afford the cost. 1 year paid gym fees and equipment at one of gym partner schools. All scholarship recipients must meet curriculum requirements to maintain scholarship. Attendance requirements vary based on the level of which the gym is placed.

Level 1 Gyms: attendance 1 time per week, minimal 3 per month
Level 2 Gyms: attendance 2 time per week, minimal 6 per month
Level 3 Gyms: attendance 3 time per week, minimal 9 per month

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Debora Elkins August 28, 2018 at 12:23 pm

I learned about your incredible program from a local news station. I want to be a part of this! I do have 3 yrs experience as a volunteer working with at-risk youth at a boxing club where I was the office manager, grant writer and mentor to the best kids I’ve ever met. I also have 20 years experience managing a non-profit office which empowered individuals and groups to improve their lives and their communities. I only need a “living wage,” prefer serving others to wealth. Lastly, where you have “POST TAGS:” Fundraiser is spelled incorrectly. I’m also an editor. Thank you for all you do and please consider me now or for future opportunities.
Debora Elkins

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