City Champs Foundation is beyond grateful for an amazing 2020.

We thought you would like to know how donations are put to good use and spent wisely.

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Building Character Initiative

What is the Vision and Mission of City Champs:
Offering pathways to knowledge for personal empowerment impacting communities globally.
Providing martial arts and boxing classes to build confidence and character throughout communities

The City Champs Foundation is dedicated to developing local champions, and community solutions, through the discipline of martial arts training. This activity is unmatched in instilling fundamental, positive qualities that lead to lifelong success.

What is the Building Character Initiative?

The Building Character Initiative is a campaign to raise recurring donations to fund year long City Champs programs for 2021.

The BCI effort will result in providing no cost martial arts classes to any youth of Milwaukee. A safe, secure, fun and welcoming environment in the center of Milwaukee will allow ANY youth to have an opportunity to learn martial arts and self defense while having confidence and the values of good character instilled. Classes will be offered at no cost to organizations throughout Milwaukee working with our youth as a free “tool” to add to the “tool box”.

Why Support the BCInitiative?
The program is more effective for the ROI than virtually any other program. Results are proven, effective and efficient. For only $18,000 , a one year Building Character Program is funded servicing an astonishing number of students. For this small price tag, 2400 student class spaces are created! That’s $5.50/student! The BCI is supported by data and results proving real life effectiveness, not just another good idea on paper.