City Champs Foundation is beyond grateful for an amazing 2019.

We thought you would like to know how donations are put to good use and spent wisely.

Sponsorship Levels

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City Champs is kicking off 2020 with the “Building Character Program.” This program seeks to enable youth to combat bullying with the confidence gained through the martial arts training and mentorship. Building physical and mental competencies through martial arts allows youth to learn how to more safely and effectively respond to bullying behaviors, which can help to combat factors that might lead to depression, suicide and violent behaviors.

Your donation will help reach our goal of raising $3,000 by December 22, 2019. Every $3000 starts a new Building Character Program. With your help, City Champs will be able to expand its reach into schools who need it the most. For more information, please contact us or visit citychamps.org

Thank you in Advance!

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Our Mission

Providing martial arts and boxing classes to build confidence and character throughout communities

Our founding principle is based on the acquisition of knowledge. One must first know different before thinking and acting different. New knowledge comes from our environment and the people we surround ourselves with. City Champs provides positive environments and people.

Martial Arts teaches self awareness. How a person perceives, controls and reacts to a situation. When a child learns these skills they are better to react to situations that they struggle with everyday.

2019 we hit multiple milestones including building a coaching staff, culture, and framework for growth. We made many fantastic partnerships with organizations across the city to improve the communities we serve. The biggest accomplishment for 2019 is working with over 500 kids from across the Milwaukee area. That is a number we are proud of, especially as a newer organization.

2020 includes a full lineup of classes at community centers, schools, correctional centers, shelters for abused and more. Donations contribute to more classes. As we expand we promise to stay locked in on our mission of providing martial arts and boxing classes at no cost to build confidence and character in people who in turn improve their communities.