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Gym Partnership Program

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Help Us; Help Kids; Help Our Community, Help Your Business

There are currently 2 programs for gyms
Summer Scholarship Program
Full Scholarship Program.

SUMMER PROGRAM: The summer program centers around helping local youth by providing the opportunity to experience a variety disciplines. The summer gym pass gives youth access to classes at partner gyms. Gyms will be paid a small fee for each kid attending class.

SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM: After summer and if attendance requirements are met, participants in the summer program may apply for a 1 year scholarship to continue with training at their preferred gym.

Email citychampsfoundation@gmail.com for gym partner details.
Do you know of a youth that could benefit from a City Champs scholarship?
Visit https://www.citychamps.org/nominate.


Why would a gym become a partner?
Increased membership/Priority Scholarship Placement
Dedicated student
Free Marketing
Helping Children and Community
Partner in events, special classes, clinics, competition and more
Sponsor Benefits
Opportunities for additional income for gym and staff
Tax deductible

City Champs seeks to partner with a wide range of martial arts instructors in various disciplines who are committed to shaping the youth of today through guidance, patient teaching and professional instruction. These instructors will serve as mentors to the youth scholarship recipients and will serve as an ongoing source of support with youth who are actively enrolled in their program.

Sponsorship Gyms accept scholarships but receive much more benefit. Gyms work directly with City Champs in marketing, fundraising, special events, scholarships, paid private lessons,special clinics, tax deductions, sponsorship benefits, marketing reimbursement, PR, marketing and promotions. Countless opportunities exist between gym partners and City Champs.

Full Scholarship: 1 year scholarship that pays the membership and equipment expenses
Summer Scholarship: 4-6 week membership. Gyms paid $75. Students meeting requirements can apply for full scholarship
Gym Partner: gym participating with the Gym Partner Program
Gym Partner Sponsor Level Details
Gym Affiliate: gym not on partner program but accepting scholarships
Scholarship Curriculum: review our scholarship program to learn more about how it works
Gym Levels
Level 1 Gyms: $75 or less/mo, attendance 1 time per week, minimal 3 per month
Level 2 Gyms: $75-125/mo, attendance 2 time per week, minimal 6 per month
Level 3 Gyms: $125 or more/mo, attendance 3 time per week, minimal 9 per month

Donation of scholarship
1 Year Partnership. Gym partners donate memberships instead of money. Partnership benefits are similar to corporate sponsors and based on value of donated membership. Partners are expected to assist with promoting events, nominations for scholarships, and creating marketing awareness.
Scholarship Donation: for every scholarship donated, 2 paid scholarships will be provided to gym
Booth at CC event – logo on shirt
Partners receive priority scholarship placement
Provide children to place for paid scholarship
Inclusion in professional promotional video and ads for online marketing
Inserts for VIP goodie bags – 1 event shirt
2 event passes
Partnership Benefits:
Scholarships: City Champs scholarships pay all expenses for membership. Paid in 1 month membership increments, additional $ must be approved for special training and events. Scholarships also available for current members of your gym.
Private lessons: Paid 1on1 lessons.
Special clinics: Host special clinics open to all scholarship kids to attend. Paid for by City Champs.
Gym Fighter Sponsor: Have fighters from your gym trade access to their social media for City Champs marketing purposes. In return fighters can make money through private lessons, special events, meet and greet opportunities and becoming scholarship coaches.
Sponsorship: Become a sponsor at a City Champs event or have City Champs sponsor your event.
Public Relations: Opportunities to be included in PR about the City Champs Foundation
Marketing: Increase your gyms exposure through City Champs marketing efforts.
Marketing reimbursement: Opportunities to be reimbursed for marketing expenses.
Giving Back: Benefit from the good feelings of supporting City Champs helping local youth in your communities.
Tax Deductions: City Champs is a non-profit. Most contributions from gyms can be tax deductible.

Here?s how to help: We?ll provide scholarships to kids, referred by partnering organizations, who would benefit from the disciplined, structured environment of a boxing and martial arts gym. A gym in the local community. Your gym. This is how we create a larger, more positive ripple effect.

Long view, we see strategic alliances with organizations who share our passion for helping youth and our communities. These groups would embrace similar organizational methods, concepts, and beliefs, and operate on measurable results.

Interested in becoming a CCF Gym? Contact us and let?s get the conversation started.

Participation of local martial arts gyms is vital to the success of City Champs. More importantly, it?s critical to the success of kids in the program. Do you have a great program for kids?
City Champs seeks participation from local martial arts and boxing gyms. If you like our vision and mission, our Gym Sponsorship programs may greatly benefit your gym. Participation is simple but the benefits are huge. Sponsorship Gyms accept scholarships but receive much more benefit. Gyms work directly with City Champs in marketing, fundraising, special events, scholarships, paid private lessons, special clinics, tax deductions, level 3 corporate sponsor, marketing reimbursement, receive free PR, marketing and promotions through City Champs marketing and PR.

Current Gym Partners

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