Will Your Gym Support These Champs?

Participation of local martial arts gyms is vital to the success of City Champs. More importantly, it?s critical to the success of kids in the program.
If you?re a gym owner or operator, will you join our mission, and help realize our vision?

Doing so costs nothing. Just choose a level of participation:
Scholarship Gym: You agree to train kids funded by scholarships. City Champs pays all expenses.

What do we ask from Sponsorship Gyms in return? City Champs will form a marketing partnership with your gym. We want to acknowledge our sponsors? generosity by promoting them through your social media platforms and other outreach channels. We?ll promote City Champs, too, to keep growing the organization.

Are you ready to join us in the fight for local youths? Contact City Champs today with any questions, or to join us in a match that we intend to win!

Gym Sponsorship

You train kids funded by scholarships, with these additional benefits:

You get priority placement for scholarships, and choose the scholarship participants you train.

You get the benefits of a Level 3 Sponsor (worth more than $1,000).

You?ll work directly with City Champs on fundraising and special events, and be promoted in the organization?s marketing and public relations outreach.

Your experienced fighters will have opportunities to teach paid clinics to scholarship participants, with City Champs picking up the tab.

Let?s Empower Our Kids, and Fight for a Stronger Community!

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