Building Character, Creating Champions


City Champs is dedicated to building character in youth by creating opportunities to learn life lessons through martial arts training.


City Champs is committed to creating champions through its youth scholarship program. By eliminating the financial barrier associated with martial arts training, City Champs is opening doors to children wishing to gain exposure to classes that preach the values of commitment, discipline and physical fitness.

Scholarship Opportunity

Scholarship Opportunity

Kids aren?t born destined to succeed or fail. No telling if they?ll have a positive, or negative, effect on the communities around them. Their fates are determined by their life experiences, educational achievement and interactions with others.

Partnership Opportunity

Partnership Opportunity

The City Champs Foundation is dedicated to developing local champions, and community solutions, through the discipline of martial arts training. This activity is unmatched in instilling fundamental, positive qualities that lead to lifelong success.

Sponsorship Opportunity

Sponsorship Opportunity

City Champs funds scholarships for Milwaukee-area children, ages 8 to 18, to attend martial arts schools. The kids learn perseverance, achievement, respect, confidence, goal-setting and more. Once these seeds take root, they just keep growing.

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