“Martial Arts are the tool we use to plant the seeds of good knowledge and build confidence in youth. Building the character of our future.”
Jared Bell – Founder

City Champs seeks to partner with organizations serving youth. Organizations like community centers, schools or any organization working with youth provide the facility and City Champs provides the class

City Champs “opens the door to martial arts and boxing”. Building Character Program is a no cost to student,8 week martial arts and boxing instruction. Graduates may apply for scholarships to a local martial arts gym through the Character Building Mentor Program.


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City Champs Building Character Program

City Champs Community Program (BCP) offers a structured, educational environment for youth interested in the sports of martial arts and boxing. It links existing schools, parents and community outreach programs working with youth. City Champs acts as a bridge between parents, youth outreach programs and martial arts gyms. The scholarship program provides children ages five and up access to the lessons taught through the discipline of martial arts. The program is not limited to, but targets and offers extra latitude to children from low-income families.

The Program
The City Champs Building Character Program provides free community martial arts classes and local gym scholarships through its community and gym scholarship.

The Community Scholarship is a free 8 week martial arts class hosted by organizations involved with community youth, taught by a local martial arts gym and provided by City Champs Foundation. Children who participate in the community classes are eligible for a Gym Scholarship.

The Gym Scholarship provides a 1 yr scholarship to a local gym to continue their training and personal development.

The City Champs mission is to build youth into local champions who positively impact their communities. Instilling positive lessons in our youth in turn impacts our communities. The best proven method to solve societal challenges is to instill great knowledge and values in our children– perseverance, achievement, confidence, respect, goal-setting and more. Martial arts training provides all.

Let’s Empower Our Kids, and Fight for a Stronger Community!