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City Champs Scholarship Program (CCSP) provides existing schools, parents and youth outreach programs working with youth an alternative means of offering a structured, educational environment. The scholarship program provides existing organizations assisting youth access to the lessons taught through the discipline of martial arts.

City Champs funds scholarships for gym membership fees and equipment for youth to local martial arts and boxing gyms. Children must meet the weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly targets set to maintain their scholarships. These targets support the mission of City Champs, community partners and gyms.

The mission is to help youth does not stop with the gym. After receiving the scholarships, children are paired with City Champs mentors responsible for making sure the foundation scholarship requirements are met. Requirements of continually acquiring new knowledge, community service and financial obligation.

Placement in the scholarship program starts with an application process followed by a 30 day qualifying period. Scholarships are not “handouts”, they are earned by children who strongly desire to be in these gyms and are willing to put forth the effort. Not just effort in training but effort in making a better community to live in.

Children ages 5 to 18, who wish to participate in martial arts training, are the population that City Champs seeks to serve. Participants will be chosen based on the parameters of the community partner nominating them, and/or the martial arts instructor involved. Extra latitude will be extended to children from low-income families, who are frequently in need of scholarship assistance for recreational activities.

The concept of a “scholarship” isn’t always tied to a classroom. Learning takes place in many forms, in different environments.

Kids participating in City Champs learn invaluable life skills in the ring. Along the way, they learn the importance of enriching their minds outside the ring.

Youth applying for a City Champs scholarship must agree to numerous conditions. Among them: meeting their coach’s requirements for training time, gym attendance, and staying focused.

Another condition involves classroom grade point average. City Champs doesn’t have a minimum GPA standard. The requirement is to improve a student’s GPA, regardless of where it started.

These types of expectations obligate participants to set goals, and work hard to achieve them. They learn other qualities, too – discipline, respect, confidence, gratitude and more.

Above all, the kids in City Champs want to be here. They quickly learn to value a structured martial arts environment with other goal-oriented fighters. They’re surrounded by support and healthy competition..

Accepting nominations for Summer Program and Full Scholarship Program

Scholarship Packages
City Champs has the Summer Program and Full Scholarship Program.
Summer Scholarships last 4-6 weeks giving children access to gyms over the summer. There are no requirements except for pre-register and attending the Summer Gym Scholarship Giveaway event. Those with summer scholarships may apply for full scholarship after summer if attendance requirements are met.
Full Scholarship: Scholarships are not given, they are earned. For youth having a passion and desire to train in sport but can not afford the cost. 1 year paid gym fees and equipment at one of gym partner schools. All scholarship recipients must meet curriculum requirements to maintain scholarship. Attendance requirements vary based on the level of which the gym is placed.
Level 1 Gyms: attendance 1 time per week, minimal 3 per month
Level 2 Gyms: attendance 2 time per week, minimal 6 per month
Level 3 Gyms: attendance 3 time per week, minimal 9 per month

Scholarship Curriculum:
Nomination and Application for Scholarship
Applicants must be nominated by an advocate. Advocates can be any person or organization that believes the child will benefit from the scholarship.
Applications must be completed fully by sponsor and nominee by the 15th of each month to be reviewed for starting program the next month.
2. How it works:
Nomination Application Accepted
Interview with child prior to starting 30 day trial period
30 days for $30 probationary period at gym starts the 1st of each month
Must attend minimal of 2 classes per week
DISC personality test completed by the 15th of the 30 day trail month. Personality profile will be used to match student with Mentor
Scholarship awarded: after 30 day trial
Meet 30 day attendance trial period requirement
Approval of Coach that gym requirements were met (if Coach does not approve scholarship, applicant may attend another 30 day trial period
City Champ Mentor: student is paired with mentor
Personal Guarantee signed: Scholarship process, requirements, expectations, code of conduct and scorecard are reviewed and signed by student accepting responsibility for scholarship
Schedule: class and mentor times set for quarter
Equipment and apparel are handed out
City Champs Scholarship Requirement: reviewed weekly at City Champ Mentor meeting
5% increase in GPA quarterly
Scorecard Targets
2 classes per week
Behavior, communication, personal characteristics: up to 5 targets for student to focus on pertain to their interaction and way of thinking reviewed with mentor and graded weekly
Monthly Sponsor Update completed. Mentors may not remind students of this obligation. Any missed month must be made up in 2 days. Any 2 month period missed terminates scholarship.
Coach Score: coaches score student scale 1-5, student must obtain 4 or higher. 3 consecutive scores of 3 or lower terminates scholarship
Sponsor update: monthly update to sponsor sharing their scorecards and how they are feeling about the program
Knowledge assignment: 5 min per day obtaining new knowledge aligned with students scholarship. Short recap on what they thought about the knowledge they acquired each day is reported during weekly mentor meeting. 5 or more missed days in a month put on probation. 3 consecutive months of 5 or more misses terminates scholarship
Community assignment: 1 assignment weekly student interacts with people or their community. Assignments like smile at 100 people and count how many smile back. Trying new communication skills with others. Trying to do the complete opposite of what you’re doing if not like the current results. Unexpectedly do something nice for someone and report how they responded and you felt. Do something not so nice and report how they responded and you felt.
Rank: 5 ranks exist to be earned by living Vision, Mission and Values during scholarship period ending with the top rank “City Champion”. Minimal of 1 rank increase per year is needed to continue scholarship period after 1 year is up
Financial obligation:
All students receiving scholarships must pay 25% of membership or work it off
Transportation: what are needs if any?

Scholarships are a big piece of this solution. They’re just one, though. The most important piece, without a doubt … is you.

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Bernadette Anderson July 2, 2018 at 11:25 am

Hi I was given your email address to go on line and fill out the form for a scholarship. I do not see it. Please give me directions on how to to this.
Thank you,


Jared Bell August 26, 2018 at 5:01 pm

Hello Bernadette,

At the time you were looking for an scholarship application we were doing a summer gym program that had a June 23rd sign up. We were not accepting applications during the summer because of us doing the summer program instead. Currently for fall we are holding open gym class and accepting applications after one has attended a class. The info of dates can be found on our front page. Sorry for not getting to you sooner we had a few web problems.

City Champs

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