We?re Ready to Start the Round … Are You?

The City Champs Foundation is ready to jump into the ring, and fund more scholarships for kids who want to pursue martial arts training (we?ve funded two so far). Sponsorship packages are listed below. Will you help out as you can, and encourage others to do the same?

Time Sponsor: Can?t donate financially? City Champs needs plenty of volunteers, in lots of areas, to start punching and fulfill its mission and vision. Whatever you?re good at, we welcome your help!

Corporate Sponsors

City Champs “Champion” Corporate Sponsor: Sponsor level in effect for 1 year after donation received. Option to renew after 1 year.

[inwave_infor_list style=”style2″][inwave_infor_list_item title=”Flyweight Sponsor – $500-$999″ description=”5 graphic ad promotions in social media, 3 tickets to upcoming fundraising events, 3 shirts” icon=”recycle”][inwave_infor_list_item title=”Lightweight Sponsor: $1000-$2499″ description=”10 graphic ad promotions, 1 scholarship named after company, 6 shirts, small logo added shirt” icon=”recycle”][inwave_infor_list_item title=”Middleweight Sponsor: $2500-$4999″ description=”25 graphic ad promotions, 5 30 sec video ad promotions, 2 scholarships named after company, 9 shirts, medium logo added to shirt” icon=”recycle”][inwave_infor_list_item title=”Heavyweight Sponsor: $5000-$9999″ description=”50 graphic ad promotions, 10 30 sec video ad promotions, 3 scholarships named after company, 12 shirts, large logo added to shirt” icon=”recycle”][inwave_infor_list_item title=”SUPER Heavyweight Sponsor: $10,000+” description=”100 graphic ad promotions, 20 30 sec video ad promotions, 5 scholarships named after company, 20 shirts, extra-large logo added to shirt” icon=”recycle”][/inwave_infor_list]

*Graphic and Video Ad Promotions: Sponsors supply graphic or video content to be shown on City Champs social media platforms. City Champs utilizes the extensive social media following of our sponsors gym and fighters allowing advertisements to reach a large local audience. Ads will be run during 1 year sponsorship period. Sponsor chooses social media platform for each ad to be run. Specific time for ads to be decided by sponsor.
**Shirt Corporate Logo: Shirts are printed in batches of 100. New “Champion Sponsor” logos are added to shirts each new print.


City Champs “Assistant Coach” Youth Scholarship Donor:

  • $Up to $39-Thank you supporting the athleticism and development of our local youth
  • $40-$99 – 1 shirt
  • $100+ 2 shirts, listed as donator on website, 1 upcoming fundraising event ticket

**Opt to donate $10 directly toward scholarship instead of receiving shirt.
**Opt to set up as monthly recurring donation.

City Champs “Head Coach” Youth Scholarship Donor (Individuals or Companies): $250

  • Every cumulative $1000 donated from Scholarship Sponsors is guaranteed to a create new scholarship for a local kid in your community.
  • $250 Sponsor: For each $250 donated by individual or company, includes 2 tickets to upcoming fundraising events, 2 shirts, listed as donor on website.

**Donation may be set up as monthly recurring donation or split into $50/mo donations.

City Champs “City Champion” Corporate Sponsor:

$20k: Ask for details on how to become a city champion corporate sponsor: $20k donation

  • Level 5 corporate sponsor for 5 years.
  • Logo included in on all foundation print and social media marketing.

City Champ “National Champion” Corporate Sponsor:

$100k, Ask for details on how to become a . This sponsor level would be what we create to go after the “800 pound gorilla” sponsor once we are set up and able.

Time Sponsor:

Donate your time providing a skill you have that can be used to benefit the organization.

Event Sponsor:

Ask for details how to sponsor upcoming events.

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