Thank you for your donation to City Champs Foundation. We appreciate your donation to our cause of children having a goal and contribution into their future through City Champs. You donation will be used by City Champs to help local youth to maximize their potential through martial arts.

At City Champs we believe each child has the potential to succeed. However, sometimes a child needs encouragement, direction and self confidence. At City Champs we believe that participation in Martial Arts can help teach these obstacles. We all struggle with these emotions everyday and it is important to address these thoughts of emotions at a young age.

As a contibiture to our cause, you encourage these children to achieve all that they can be. City Champs uses Martial Arts training as a way to train the core of how a child perceives themselves and how they present themselves to others.

The training of Martial Arts teaches self awareness. Training in Martial Arts helps how a person perceives, controls and reacts to a situation. When a child learns these skills they are better to react to situations that they struggle with everyday.

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